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MySareeShop will stitch your suit or saree blouse to a standard bust size depending on the material available with the garment you have chosen to buy. 

Please note tailoring will be done on the basis of your height and bust size only. So we are reliant on you for correct measurements to be supplied after you have placed your order. 

Also note that items ordered that are tailored are strictly non refundable. So please make sure you familiarise yourself with this condition prior to adding tailoring services. 

If you are to have your outfit tailored please add this charge to your shopping basket to ensure charges for tailoring are applied and then email us with your order number and your height and bust measurements. 

Items that will require tailoring will take longer to deliver, please add a further 10 working days to the waiting time of your order. The delivery times for each item are provided on the item page so please add (+10 working days) to your expected delivery times. 

Please note that stitched blouses or items are strictly NON REFUNDABLE.