Inspired Collection

The Inspired Collection is the MySareeShop collection that is created upon order. We only start to create your attire once you have contacted us and consulted the specifics of your requirement. 

We create supreme quality outfits to almost any style and colour you require. This really is a bespoke service where we listen to you and go through each detail of the design until we are happy that you are satisfied. 

We've recreated designer catwalk pieces for many clients. Choose us to design your attire for that special occasion. 

Our Inspired Collection is priced according to the effort that goes into the thought process, the planning, the styling, and the dedication and time invested in the garment.

Contact us to discuss your bespoke outfit and let us take care of your attire for that special event. 

The photo's you see here are of outfits we can recreate at a superior standard using the best materials available. The touch and feel will be that reflecting an item from a high end showroom. Prices are shown to provide an indicative expectation of cost.